Dedicated to the Environment

Tuff Recycling & Supply is at the forefront of corporate social responsibility. We lead our industry on environmental stewardship by continuously seeking new ways to give back to the community and provide for an environmentally sustainable future. Our eco-friendly corporate policies and practices as well as our charitable programs help us to achieve the environmental objectives we have committed to.

As part of our “Plant a Tree” initiative, we are working with customers to make a world of difference in preserving, improving and protecting our planet. For every bin you use in a given year, we will plant a tree in your honour on Earth Day. Our “Plant a Tree” program makes it easy to help protect the Earth’s climate, significantly reduce C02 in the environment and help air quality.
Why trees? Trees and forests are a crucial part of the Earth's ecosystem. They are vital components of the ecosystem that clean our air and water by absorbing pollutants and stabilizing soils.
What is our goal? Tuff Recycling & Supply has a goal to reduce the CO2 impact of our business operations. One of the ways will be to plant trees each year to help offset the CO2 impact of vehicle emissions during travel.
What can I do? Plant trees on your property and in your community and consider becoming a member of Tree Canada.

Donate today


You may also choose to donate to the program in which case, we will administer the collection of the proceeds and remit it to our partner, Tree Canada, a non-profit national organization that has been planting trees since 1992.

Tree Canada will use 100 percent of your donated funds to facilitate the planting of trees. When you choose Tuff Recycling & Supply you easily and conveniently offset your carbon footprint. Go green today!