What is the "Tuff On Waste" Program?

Our Tuff On Waste program was designed to offer custom tailored solutions to businesses like yours. The program consists of three main steps that are affordable and easy to follow. Each program is deisgned to decrease the amount of waste your organization porduces by increasing the amount of recycling and separation. What suprises most customers is that this will reduce your waste costs dramatically!

By participating in our program your organization can enjoy the benefits of increased employee morale, increased customer satisfaction and an altered standing in your industry as a leader in the green movement. These intangible benefits can only be matched by the cost savings your organization will discover.

Step 1: Waste Audit The initial step to the Tuff On Waste program is a waste audit. Our knowledgeable staff will conduct an audit of your facility and business practices to identify problematic areas of your waste management policy.

Step 2: Customized solution implementation Once all problematic areas are addressed, we will then look to recycle and resuse as much of your generated waste as possible. At this point, a customized waste solution is implemented into your business to ensure maximum diversion from landfill.

Step 3: Maintenance As technology advances and your business evolves, Tuff will constantly look towards alternative uses for your waste products. As well as diverting even more garbage from landfill, we are constantly striving to ensure our customers can benefit economically from the program.

Customized Solutions

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Tuff Recycling ensures that every step you take towards going green is a step in the right direction for your company. By offering custom tailored programs, we are able to ensure that your business can benefit from our program without any inconvenience to your core business practices.

tuff on waste zero waste Zero Waste Through our program, we will gladly help you to make the adjustments that are required to turn your company into a lean, environmentally conscious establishment. Find out how you can turn your facility into a Zero Waste facility by contacting us today!